Season 18

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Sadly it's that time again we hate resetting everyone's progress but it's a necessary event. Resets allow us to usher in new content for you to have fun with. Also they enable us to change many of the existing mechanics and features that we already implemented. Enough of my rambling, lets get into it!

Particle Trails

This plugin was created to answer the number one question that is asked on the server. Everyone's heard it at least a thousand times, "how do i sell drugs?". Instead of telling players to follow the redstone, they can now do /selldrugs and a head with a particle trail will guide them.


A bunch of suggestions we got on discord was to do two things relating to koth, add more times and make times a bit more fair. As I said I would rework KoTH here are the changes.

Changes include...

  • A KoTH in the overworld every two hours.
  • Nether KoTh runs during the busy times for U.S. players.
    • 3PM, 5PM, 7PM, 9PM EST.
  • Due to the fact that there is now four times as many koths we had to lower the amount of keys it gives.
    • KoTH will now give 3 keys instead of 5.
  • Commander GKit replaced with Warrior in crate.


I'll be the first to admit it DrugMules needed an upgrade badly. A lot of the systems were from early 2019 when the plugin was first made. We've taken the time to remake a few key features of it.

Changes and Features include...

  • Number of trips when creating a job is now based on the value of the drugs needing to be muled, not the amount.
    • (Go crazy muling cactus)
  • Removed the reputation system.
  • Added integrations with DLSpawn.
    • Jobs will now require you to run to either skittles, the parkour, or maze
  • Mules will now have permanent Speed II and Jump Boost II for the duration of the job.
    • To help everyone not fail at the parkour : )


The release of bosses was terrible, bosses not spawning, crap loot, and bosses shooting you 200 blocks in the air.

Changes include...

  • Revamped loot, the killer of the boss will get at least one spawner and another piece of assorted loot when killing a boss.
    • Higher tier bosses will drop a piece of commander and warrior gkits along with either 3 blaze spawners or 2 zombiepigman spawners.
  • You can now spawn bosses anywhere in the overworld, but they are disabled in the nether, end, and raid worlds.
  • Fixed bosses shooting you retarded high into the air.
  • Bosses will now combat tag you.


A bunch of you have asked for cops to come back in some capacity. We don't think adding player cops at this moment is a good idea so we've brought back AI ones. AI Cops will bust anyone with drugs that comes within their radius for a few seconds. Avoid the cops!


Small changes have been made to crates in relation to appearance and performance.

Some changes and fixes include...

  • Making the inside of the crate look better with stained glass and a close button.
  • Particle animations when opening crates.
  • Optimizations in relation to crate opening.


We will be readding our PasteABase plugin to help new players get started even faster. In order to accommodate for more players pasting bases we have to make the overworld 30,000 blocks. At first this seemed like a problem but then we remember it doesn't really matter because raiding is disabled in it anyways.


During our last bit of advertisement we noticed a small problem. Trainees and helpers going afk and players asking questions. New players felt ignored and the staff member felt bad when they finally saw their message. Now when staff do /afk it will display over their player.


We admit to this one as well, playershops were horribly executed in season 17, from items being duped (shoutout to jawnnn), items disapearing, and chestshops breaking and deleting items. We introduced a better region management plugin to better rent playershops. We've are also introducing a new shop plugin. No longer will you have to use chests with signs on them.


We like to change up the spawn every few seasons with some map updates. This time we had both the KoTH, Outpost, and parts of warzone remade.


Crateboxes are what monthly crates used to be. We've made major changes to the plugin to accommodate multiple Crateboxes. We've gotten rid of the monthly crate, because we never really changed them from month to month.

Changes Include...

  • Adding Admin, Operator, and Owner Crateboxes.
  • Renaming of Dragon Slayer armor to Operator armor.
  • Owner Crates have exclusive items in them to compensate for the high price.
    • Tier 6 DrugPack, Drug Collector, Mob Collector, and Pro Pack Tool.

Congrats on actually reading the entire changelog! I just wanted to talk about how this last season has gone before we get into the next one. We pushed heavily on advertisement, spending over ($5,000) total, and we are extremely happy with the amount of players it brought us. It was undoubtedly worth it just to see the server so full. In order to keep this coming season just as active we've secured another round of advertising to last the duration of grace period.