Season 17

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After a few lean updates we have decided to release another massive feature, Bosses. This update brings a ton of changes, optimizations, and new features to the server and discord.


First and foremost, I admit our discord and it's corresponding bots didn't work very well. We were able to get a new bot up and running that does everything our old ones did and more. It even has cool animations...


One of the largest features of this season will be bosses. Bosses can be spawned from boss spawn eggs that are obtainable in a number of ways. We currently have four bosses right now.

It's important to note that these bosses are meant to be fought with full teams and an inventory of health pots. You will not be able to kill the top two bosses alone or without a GKit.


Events are finally back! Our old events plugin hardly worked, caused a ton of lag and didn't allow us to run the games properly. We've taken the time to have it completely remade. Almost all of your favorite events are back, GlassRun, Spleef, Colors, and now Sumo. Sumo has replaced FishSlap events.


Yes the Dealer Doob cheated a LOT in the old version of blackjack. He would pull cards just when he needed them, he would stay when he should of hit. He would also pull some funny business when he got an Ace. Both of these issues are now resolved. Go gamble until your broke!

Factions - RaidClaims

We have made it easier to keep track of your raidclaims. Now you can do /f raidclaim to easily create and remove them instantly.

Crates & Monthly Crate

This season I took a look at all the crates and overhauled them. I have added a ton of new things to them, from fragmented blast picks to boss spawn eggs.

PS: When I added the top boss (four) to the monthly crate I had to get rid of something. The Lucky Pickaxe is now gone, your welcome.