Season 16

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With season 16 we wanted to change the appearances and mechanics of the server.


One of the major changes we made was getting a new spawn, one that is more interactive.


As part of our new spawn we wanted to create almost a minigame out of selling. There is now three ways to sell your drugs. We have introduced a maze and parkour minigame into the spawn itself. These minigames are schematics that will rotate every minute. If you reach the npc at the end you can sell your drugs for 1.25 times their value. You can of course sell the normal way to skittles.


We have reworked the dynamic we have on the server. We hope that this pleases both drug and factions players of the server. There are now four worlds total, with three of them being raiding worlds, and overworld with raiding disabled.

Raiding worlds include

  • Nether - 5kx5k
  • End - 5kx5k
  • Raid - 5kx5k

Non-Raiding worlds include

  • Overworld - 10kx10k
    • Unprotected chests are lootable
    • Spawners will not contribute to FTOP value


A major goal of pretty much every season has been to eliminate P2W where we can. We have removed faction fly from the tokenshop and store. Faction fly will now be given to everyone, regardless of rank. Due to the fact that we are giving factions fly to everyone and it was previously a donor perk. We have also added wilderness fly to godfather rank.


We get it, it's annoying to have to spend $5 just to trench out your base. We hear you, and this season we have created fragmented blast picks. Essentially these are blast picks with a set amount of uses.


Multiple changes to our factions core were made this season.

Changes include...

  • Ability to toggle on red sand in sandbots GUI
  • New command to claim an entire corners buffer, /f corner