Season 15

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Season 15's main goal was to improve existing features yet again. We focused on this based on a poll we did in our discord over a month ago. It told us overwhelmingly that you guys wanted less new features and more polish on existing ones.


We have made multiple changes to factions this season.


Sandbots can now be obtained via /f upgrade. You can also now manage Sandbots with ease with a new GUI (/f sandbots)


Faction missions have been reworked to introduce a tiered system, Easy, Medium, and Hard.


We have got rid of base regions in favor of spawnerchunks. Spawnerchunks will remove a lot of backend lag we have with FTOP and Factions. You can mark a claim as a spawner chunk by standing in the claimed chunk and typing /f spawnerchunk then place a spawner down in the chunk. Then you can later view your spawner chunks by doing /f spawnerchunks.

Nether KoTH

We've added a KoTH to the nether. KoTH's will alternate between the Overworld and nether.

Faction Shields

Based on another poll we did in the discord we proposed changing the faction shield to 16 hours. You guys voted in a 3 to 1 ratio for them. Shields have been adjusted to 16 hours.


Blast Picks will now break water and lava like they are blocks. Happy trenching!


DLCards is a plugin we have for facilitating blackjack games, a big problem with blackjack currently is that it requires the latest optifine version and the texturepack to play. We have now made it possible to play with or without using either.


Collectors will now display a FULL hologram above them once they reach max capacity.


Added GKit pieces to crates. This will allow everyone to get their hands on Gkit sets without paying anything.


CombatLog helps us prevent people running from fights. It's annoying to have to type /ct to check your combat timer so we went ahead and made one using your action bar.