Season 14

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This will be our last small intern season. By intern we mean in terms of features, recently our lead developer Rayzr, who made a lot of the original drug plugins resigned his position. As of last week we secured someone who had both the caliber and time to help maintain all of our existing custom plugins.  This release will be us putting a lot of polish and changes to existing plugins so they work better.

Tokens & Tokenshop

We've drastically reworked how tokens are given on the server. In doing this we are trying to make the server less P2W, opening up items that are donor only to everyone.

Changes include

  • Reworked token gathering, tokens can now be found from farming.
  • Buffed rankup tokens
  • Buffed voting tokens
  • Added new items to tokenshop, including...
    • Three total donor ranks
    • Three types of seed bombs
    • Harvester and Tilling hoes



DLTools is the custom plugin that handles tools on our server, specifically Blast Picks. This update comes with two pieces. First, a long requested 9x9 trench mode. Second, the ability for trench picks to treat water and lava as blocks and destroy them.


A highly requested feature that dates all the way back to season 6 is for both mob and drug collectors to be able to be upgraded like drugpacks can. We have finally added this ability to both types of collectors. Additionally if you place multiple collectors in the same chunk you will receive a notification that you can combine them as well.


After doing extensive testing on slot machines we've made the following changes.

  • Increasing the amount of times you win
  • Increasing any win that gave 1x your win to a 2x multiplier
    • EX: Horseshoe gives back 50 chips if you bet 50, now will give 100 chips.


Our spawn has been frozen by icy winds that have covered the warzone in a thick layer of snow.


We took a good amount of time this season to edit our messages files. Revamping the scoreboard and the hover chat text.


Our old tutorial was kind of a last minute half ass job. We spared no expense in our new one, which is more progressive. We hope this will help better explain the server to new players.


This project has been riddled with bugs, issues, and performance problems. Our new developer has fixed it so it's running efficiently. We thought that the issue of bases pasting right next to each other was fixed last season but we have finally fixed that issue. No longer do you have to leave a faction to make a base either, you can paste one while being in or owning a faction. We have also added an easy command to paste a base /pb.