Season 13

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This seasons purpose was mostly balance and technical fixes.


Spawn has been spookified.

Paste Base

Bases will no longer paste next to each other, giving more hidden bases. You no longer have to be without a faction to paste a base.

Economy Changes

Changes include...

  • Small nerf to machine quality about 15%
  • Buff to all manually farmed drugs
  • Playershops renting price is now 250k for 5 days
  • Blackjack will now pay 2x rather than 1.5x for winning

Monthly Crate

We changed our monthly crate plugin to one with a cool animation and better performance.

Donor Ranks

We have added two new donor ranks above boss.

Misc Changes

Changes include...

  • Faction size lowered to 10
  • FTOP recoded, lag should be fixed
  • Outpost buffed, $3,000 per minute, 25% DrugEXP modifier, and 25% more XP.
  • End and nether size now 8kx8k
  • Changes to the rules
  • DrugEXP Voteboost fixed and now working
  • Rares were cleaned up and some new ones added
  • Balancing custom enchants
    • Valor enchant recoded
    • Nursery nerfed