Season 12

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This update was focused on improving player experience in the immediate and long term.

Paste A Base

This was perhaps one of our biggest improvements to the immediate player experience. Over the years the Senior Staff have been looking for ways to solve the question that almost every new player asks, "how do i start???" Our answer to this was to create a plugin that provides every player with a small one time pasted base in a random location in the world. There are three variants of the bases. Each comes with some storage and an underground farm to get you started.


Our second plugin that we had created was events. To start there are four events, Glassrun, Spleef, FishSlap, and Colors. Events are ran by admins and if you win you will receive a reward.


One of the most annoying problems was that AutoCraft and AutoPack did not work together. This was mainly for performance reasons, we have now mitigated the issue. DrugPacks will now finally work with autocraft.


Another highly requested feature was to add a buy all button to help with purchasing certain items like potions quickly.


There was some pretty major bugs relating to ChestShops and PlayerShops. Those bugs have been resolved and you can now use both sizes.