Season 11

2 min read

In this release we focused on improving server performance and small but important features to existing plugins. Along with a few new ones to keep  you guys entertained.


As many of you have seen from screenshots we had a new spawn built. It took well over a month for our selected builder to complete the spawn to our specifications. We went for a desert city/oasis look as the theme.


For the longest time now we have promised to add unique custom enchants to each of the rare weapons in game. We have followed through on that promise and done so. Enchantments on rare weapons cannot be taken off with black scrolls and cannot be bought with XP.


Season 11 brings limited small and large playershops for players to enjoy. There are 10 small playershops that can be rented for 1,000,000 every 5 days. Large playershops are purchaseable for $10 on the store but last an entire season. Payouts for the best looking large playershop will be paid out.


Users on newer versions of minecraft experience a bug when opening a drugpack. This is because they are a paginated system. DrugPacks now look like collectors when you open them. You can also now put them inside of playervaults when they are empty.