Season 10

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Season 10 aim was improving performance of existing plugins and a lot of bug fixes. We didn't skimp on new content in this update though. This season is flush with new content for everyone to enjoy.


Blackjack is our flagship content for this release. You will need the latest version of 1.8 OptiFine, version OptiFine 1.8.9 HD U L5. Once you have this download and launched you need to download our texturepack either automatically or from /pack. Old versions of both OptiFine and the texturepack will not allow you to play the game correctly.


Outpost is another activity that is meant to increase PvP, similar to KoTH. You can cap the outpost for a DrugEXP XP boost. It runs all the time.

Price Fluctuations

This feature was developed to make the economy a bit more diverse, drug prices will now fluctuate based on how much of each kind is sold. If everyone is selling wheat the price will dip to it's minimum, if nobody sells pumpkins the price will go high.


We had our crate plugin remade entirely, the old one was written in what I've been told is spaghetti code. The plugin now uses custom models that we had made. Boss rank can re-roll your unwanted reward once, excluding the VIPX crate.

Spawn Changes

We gave the outside of the spawn a face-lift. KoTH has been completely rebuild and we added an outpost on the opposite side of the map from KoTH.

Bug Fixes / Small Additions

Changes Include...

  • Sell wands will work on a per item basis on collectors
  • Pack Tools will no longer sell as a blaze rod to the shop
  • Pack Tools can no longer be put into collectors
  • F Missions now give you a max time to complete of 24 hours however if you complete early you only have to wait 3 hours before getting a new mission
  • Shatter custom enchant now works on Glowstone
  • Added 2 new enchants only available on July monthly crate rares (Lucky & Thunderous)